Lowongan Kerja PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Lowongan Kerja PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

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Loker.ODAC.co.id – Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) adalah anak perusahaan Chevron yang bertanggung jawab atas eksplorasi minyak di Riau.

Sebelum akuisisi Chevron, nama perusahaannya adalah Caltex Pacific Indonesia. Staf CPI berbasis di empat kota Riau: Dumai, Duri, Minas dan Rumbai.

CPI juga merupakan perusahaan minyak kontrak terbesar di Indonesia dengan produksi 2 miliar barel. CPI pertama kali didirikan di Indonesia pada awal tahun 1924.

Standard Oil Company of California (Socal) dan Texas Oil Company (Texaco) membentuk perusahaan patungan di Sumatera bernama N.V.

Nederlandsche Pacific Petroleum Maatschappij atau NPPM. Perusahaan menemukan sumur minyak yang tidak produktif yang akhirnya ditutup.

Pada tahun 1944, ahli geologi NPPM Richard H. Hopper dan Toru Oki beserta tim mereka menemukan ladang minyak terbesar di Asia Tenggara di Minas.

Nama asli sumur ini adalah Minas No. 1. Minas terkenal dengan jenis Sumatera Light Sweet Oil (SLC) yang bagus, yang memiliki kandungan belerang rendah.

Saat ini PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia membuka lowongan kerja terbaru di bulan Januari 2023.

Berikut ini adalah lowongan kerja yang tersedia di PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia bagi pencari kerja yang berminat dalam pengembangan karir dengan kualifikasi sebagai berikut:

Lowongan Keja PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Geothermal Technical & Business Development Specialist

Employment is under fixed term duration (PKWT) with possible extension or permanent employment based on review.

Job Scope :

  • Develop exploration program and execute the reconnaissance surveys to collect 3G data such as geological mapping, geochemistry samplings, and geophysical surveys.
  • Provide a practical geological interpretation on geothermal prospect characteristics, including rock types, hydrothermal alteration, structures/faults, and geothermal surface manifestation.
  • Construct project GIS-based and 3D geologic models and analyse data to improve geologic understanding.
  • Take a lead to the integration of the interpretations of several disciplines to develop conceptual models, including 3-D geological models, that give a basis for reservoir modelling to provide insight into the long-term operation of the geothermal developments.
  • Develop geological and reservoir modelling studies for input to Field Development Plans, reservoir surveillance and opportunity identification. Target wells for exploration and/or development drilling.
  • Prepare asset development plan (opportunity catalogue, production plan, WP&B, risk & uncertainty management plan). Identify and measure key subsurface risks and uncertainties and make recommendations for the mitigations.
  • Review and assess the results of newly surveillance data to inform reservoir strategy including assisting with the development of numerical models to guide our future development strategy.
  • Coordinate the internal cross-function teams to review geothermal data and prepare conceptual model. Represent Company in technical discussion with external business stakeholders.
  • Support with planning and permitting for new geothermal opportunities.

Qualification :

  • S1/Bachelor in Geology; Geological Engineering; Geophysics; Geophysics Engineering
  • Minimum 8 years experienced in geothermal reservoir characterization and/or reservoir modeling
  • A strong background in volcanic/geothermal/epithermal geology with an active interest in being part of the geothermal industry
  • Strong knowledge on geological, geophysical, and geochemical data for surface reconnaissance, potential resource assessment including geological mapping and magneto-telluric, gravity and density surveys and geothermal gradients. Understanding of thermal parameters such as thermal conductivity, diffusivity, and correlation to varying mineralogy.
  • Strong knowledge on data management and data processing skills, including Geomodelling and GIS skills or other commercially available reservoir evaluation tools, such Leapfrog, Petrel,
  • GoCAD, Geolog, Geotools, etc. Essentially has strong desire to better understand complex physical systems through multidisciplinary data integration
  • Sufficient knowledge on Planned, executed, and managed geochemistry and geophysical reservoir monitoring including well performance, comprehensive geochemistry sampling, inter-well tracer test, tracer flow test (TFT) and downhole sampling.
  • Sufficient experience working on drilling activities including well control and rig operation.
  • Ability to work as part of a team and strong interpersonal skills and has ability to work unsupervised and show initiative with result orientation, quality focused and problem-solving skills.
  • The person will be a liaison to Company SMEs in geothermal, reservoir and subsurface matter.


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